I am a French girl living in Australia who tried to keep smiling even if I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I was 33 when I found a lump in my breast. Luckily I did not adopt the wait and see attitude, even if I remember my friend saying “you are young – it can not be”. I am young and yes it can.

Breast Cancer can strike at any age, women of every age should be aware of this.

I decided to share my story by drawing it in cartoons and lots of colours.

Why cartoons?

I always liked reading comic books. I grew up with Tintin, Obelix et Asterix, Lucky Luke, Boule et Bill etc… Later on I discovered thanks to my partner Nick the universe of Bilal, Gotlib, Delisle, Larcenet, Trondheim, Bruller, Boulet and so more…

Being a comic books’ fan, I wanted to share my story a bit differently – in a simple way and with a bit of humour. Nick gave me this idea that perhaps I should start drawing my story and posting the images on a blog. He even got me the graphic tablet for my birthday. I really liked the idea and I started drawing. At first, it took me a very long time to draw a cartoon because I had never drawn before!!

My drawings have kept my mind busy during the time of treatment and really helped me to get through this journey. I was more focusing on “what can I draw next?” instead of “why this is happening to me?”.

I have also been really grateful to receive positive feedback from women in similar situations from all around the world.

Why publishing my cartoons?

I received lots of messages from young women facing breast saying they wished they had read my cartoons at the start of their journey. This really encouraged me to publish my cartoons into a booklet that would be given for free to young women recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I talked about this with the breast care nurses at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick and in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. They were very supportive and agreed to give my booklets to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

I launched a crown funding campaign online in order to receive enough funding to self publish my cartoons. My campaign was a success! My booklets are now distributed all around Australia. They are on their way (thanks to travelling friends) to New Caledonia, Paris and Brest in France. I received requests from women in Canada, Sweden and Egypt which is fantastic.

Lately, the Hasting Cancer Trust, an local not-for-profit organisation actively engaged in supporting those who are battling cancer, provided the funding for the publication of an extra 1000 copies in the Hastings/Macleay area (where I live). This is really exciting!

I wish to be able to send my booklets anywhere they could be useful.

What else?

If you wish to help me publish more booklets or distribute them, please email me at magsblog@yahoo.com.

Please do not hesitate to follow my blog, leave a comment, like my page on facebook, share it.

I hope that my cartoons will provide information and reduce the stigma about breast cancer.

Thank you……




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  1. LiseyBendy says:

    Hello dear Magalie, How are you going?

    I have awarded you the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. Go to http://shittytittiebangbang.com/2013/07/08/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ to see what I wrote about you. You have probably already received a bucket load of these things. To accept it, you need to tell us 7 thing about yourself, and nominate another blogger or bloggers to receive it and tell them about it as I am doing here. Your blog rocks as do you! Thank you for inspiring us with your colour and creativity.

    Much love
    Lisey x

  2. claire philip says:

    j’ai voté pour ton blog et vais faire voter plein de monde…..bisous….claire

  3. marjolaine says:

    T’es belle! Terriblement sexy avec ton casque sur les oreilles! Bravo pour ton blog et pour toi! Avril-mai commencent à arriver, t’envoie plein de courage! bisou à toi et tes hommes!

    • Mags says:

      Merci t’es chou! c’est vrai la fin du traitement arrivera bien vite et on pourra fêter ça ensemble, je vois bien le verre de vin au bord du lac hehehe
      Bisous ma belle et a tout bientôt.

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