~ This is how it all started ~

Hmmm funny I can feel something in my left breast. I never felt that before. It is like a pea, small-hard-regular. I am not even sure it is part of my breast, it is quite deep and close to my chest wall. It moves a bit too.  Sure it is nothing because I am young – I am 33 ! Of course I heard about breast cancer… I know women get that… But I am young and CANCER IS FOR OLD PEOPLE.  I am not going to worry at all… but… you know… maybe I could make it checked, just to get that tiny thing out of my way. 

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  1. Wonderful Web page, Stick to the great work. Thanks a lot!|

  2. Celine says:

    Belle leçon de vie et de courage.Cette Bd est très informative eti se lit d’un trait.Bonne chance pour la distribution.

  3. Patricia says:

    BRAVO !!!
    Victory… Have a very happiness always !!!

  4. Petitpas says:

    Bonjour Magali, moi aussi, victime d’un cancer du sein il y a deux ans, j’ai commencé à écrire mon histoire….. sans finir !! J’aimerai, pour mes enfants, recevoir votre BD (s’il en reste!!!) J’en ai pris connaissance sur “La ligue contre le cancer” sur facebook.
    Merci pour ce moment

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