2 months before I was diagnosed. I am 33, my son is 6 months old.

2 mois avant d’apprendre que j’ai un cancer. J’ai 33 ans et mon fils a 6 mois.

before the news


The day before my first chemotherapy.

Veille de ma première chimiothérapie.

bring it on!


The day of my 34th birthday. The bald couple haha.

Le jour de mes 34 ans. Le couple chauve haha.


Let’s have chemo!

C’est partit pour la chimio!

let's go!



I am shaving it makes things easier…

Je me rase c’est plus simple…


May 2013. My last day of radiotherapy. The Coogee team and my friends Lisa & Henry.

Mai 2013. Ma dernière séance de radiothérapie. L’équipe “Coogee” et mes amis Lisa & Henry.

coogee team

June 2013. My first hairstyle!

Juin 2013. Ma première coupe de cheveux!

hair style


4 responses »

  1. Corinne says:

    Hi Mag

    I have only just had time to read all of your blogs. You are a really clever lady who has been able to put all of our thoughts down well in your drawings and explanations. Thank you so much for taking the time. I am sure that this will help many other people in the future. If you ever come to Queensland (Brisbane area), please contact me as I would really like to keep in touch.

    Corinne (BCNA Training)

    • Mags says:

      Corinne thanks so much for your nice message. Will love to keep in touch, and I loved the photos from your awesome trip on Facebook.
      Let me know if you ever come to Port Macquarie!!
      M xx

  2. Di Holt says:

    Hi Mag
    It’s Di from Woolgoolga( and BCNA training in Melbourne).
    Love your blog – especially the cartoons and photos of family and friends.. They tell your story really well.
    I’m so inspired by your energy and creativity!
    So glad we had the chance to connect and enjoy our training experiences together with a wonderful group of women from all over Australia.
    Will never forget “the seal with the eel in its mouth” !
    Look forward to keeping in touch with your blog.
    Di xo
    PS If you are heading up my way, and have time, would be great to catch up in the future.

  3. Superbe! Un vent de fraîcheur émane de ton blogue!

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